If you are unsure of what meter reading involves it might be best to read our description of the meter readers role before applying. Click here.

We are seeking reliable, motivated individuals for meter reading duties within Perth and the Bunbury region. The successful applicant must be available for an immediate start and available 5 days a week, Monday to Friday for at least a minimum of 3 months.

In order to apply you must meet the following criteria:

Australian Citizen or Permanent Residency status
Unfortunately we can not hire anyone under a working, holiday or study visa. 

A reliable car
To drive to and from your working location and then use of car within the route if necessary. Any business related kilometres must be accurately recorded as you will be reimbursed for those kilometres. Our readers are expected to drive from home to their route. Readers may have to drive up to 30 - 45 minutes depending on the location of that route. Readers are not paid for kilometres or travel time from home to work and home again.

Drivers licence
If moving from interstate or New Zealand it is advised that you obtain a WA licence within the state law timeframe to avoid driving with an expired or non conforming licence.

Have or can obtain a current clean police clearance
This means no criminal convictions within the last 10 years. Due to the nature of our work all meter readers must have a police clearance, please consider applying for one asap before we begin our hiring process.

You can apply for a police clearance at any Post Office or visiting

Have your own mobile phone
Meter readers work independently in the field and a mobile phone will be your means of contact with the office. A daily allowance of $1.25 is paid for each day you work to cover costs of mobile phone usage

A reasonable level of physical fitness and good physical health
Due to the nature of the job and the physical demands we would suggest testing or improving your physical fitness before applying. If you have any ongoing ailments that may be made worse by the daily routine of meter reading we advise you not to apply until deemed fit and healthy by your doctor.

Good customer service skills
A meter reader might come into contact with more than 100 customers of varying personalities on any given day. As you will be entering a customers private property a polite manner and good presentation are key to being a good meter reader.

Confidence around dogs
Gas meters are more often than not located on the outside of the house and in order to read that meter entering gated properties would be one of your duties. There will always be instances where you will have to enter a property which may have dogs. Although we never want anyone to be in a situation where they could be bitten or injured by a dog the ability to assess risks and dangers at each property is the key to avoiding injury or harm.

Able to work 5 days a week (Monday to Friday), for a minimum 6 hours per day
Regardless of the weather our readers fulfil their duties. Most daily routes average 6 hours to complete for an experienced meter reader, new readers will be give the opportunity to build towards this level of efficiency. This requires the successful applicant being able to follow their supervisors instructions and perform their duties within the strict performance measure criteria.

Must be able to start work by 8am
To ensure most routes are completed and returned to our office by 4pm our readers must begin at the latest by 8am. Readers can start routes at the earliest time of 7am but no earlier due to WA law.

Ready for an immediate start
Our selection process is quite fast but strict. If you are selected you must attend a 1.5 hour field assessment. This is the final stage of the interview to determine if you are suitable for the role. If you pass your assessment you will move onto the next stage which is a 4 hour day of training. After your day of training you must attend a 2-3 hour induction before you begin. This means we require candidates to make themselves fully available for the 4-5 day period after their interview to allow this process to run smoothly.

If you meet the criteria and you feel that you can fulfil the challenging duties of meter reading please send your resume to