Meter reading is the activity of collecting data accurately.

Meter readers can earn themselves a generous rate of $22 per hour or more based on their meter reading performance.  We hire people who have the drive and commitment to push themselves to meet the rates provided and those who excel at meter reading will have further opportunities within the organisation.

Meter readers work 5 days a week in all weather conditions Monday to Friday.

Meter readers are required to work a minimum of 6 hours a day or to complete a route a day.

Meter readers can work for a total of 7.6 hours of working time per day.  We only require work to be performed Monday to Friday.  On occasions Saturday work is available.  We are prohibited by law to read meters on Sunday or public holidays.

Meter readers would be required to read a certain number of meters per day by locating the property, locating the meter for that property and then manually entering the meter reading accurately into a handheld device. At the end of each day after all meters on the handheld have been read that information is delivered back to our main office located in Victoria Park.

The Meter Readers’ daily task, or route, can vary from 300 - 600 properties that require their meters to be read. And over the course of any given day a meter reader might walk between 15 to 20 kms per day in order to complete that route.

Due to the physical demands of the role we suggest anyone wishing to apply fully understand that to fulfil the task of reading meters you will be walking for long periods of time. Bending on a regular basis in order to read meters which may be below eye level. As well as lifting or moving heavy objects in front of meters to obtain a reading.  This means you must be physically fit and healthy to take on the physical demands of this role.

Meter reading is a rewarding role that can provide suitable candidates with more opportunities within the Service Stream company. If you feel you are ready to meet the challenges that Meter Reading offers please apply by sending your resume to